Sick Of This Market-driven World? You Should Be | George Monbiot | Comment Is Free | The Guardian

Verhaeghe points out that neoliberalism draws on the ancient Greek idea that our ethics are innate (and governed by a state of nature it calls the market) and on the Christian idea that humankind is inherently selfish and acquisitive. Rather than seeking to suppress these characteristics, neoliberalism celebrates them: it claims that unrestricted competition, driven by self-interest, leads to innovation and economic growth, enhancing the welfare of all. At the heart of this story is the notion of merit. Untrammelled competition rewards people who have talent, work hard, and innovate. It breaks down hierarchies and creates a world of opportunity and mobility.

detikHealth | Cari Suami Tak Perlu Pintar, Kecerdasan Anak Turun Dari Ibu

Penglihatan lebih dulu berkembang daripada pendengaran dan separuh perkembangan intelektual seseorang berlangsung di bawah usia 4 tahun. Adre mengatakan bahwa Indeks Pembangunan Manusia (IPM) Indonesia saat ini ada di urutan ke 109 dari 179 negara. “Artinya sudah miskin, bodoh, sakit, sombong pula,” ujar Adre. Padahal sebentar lagi Indonesia akan memasuki tantangan milenium 3 yang merupakan era competitive intelligence. Oleh karena itu, ibu mempunyai pengaruh yang sangat besar untuk perkembangan kecerdasan anak.

U.S. experts eye Japanese drug in race for Ebola cure | The Japan Times

There has been tremendous progress over the last five to 10 years in developing vaccines and post-exposure treatments for Ebola, said Thomas Geisbert, a virologist and veteran Ebola researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. At least four to five different vaccines and three treatments have been shown to protect monkeys from doses of Ebola that would normally be lethal, he said. He is working to test combinations of drugs and vaccines that may have even greater effectiveness. In addition to the Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. antibody cocktail drug that was used on two Americans who contracted Ebola, drugs that have helped monkeys survive Ebola include TKM-Ebola from Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp.


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